Questions and Answers (2)

This is the second page for question and answers. The first one here has become very crowded and gone down in the list of articles and so a new page is dedicated for it.

This blog witnesses a number of questions asked in the comments section that do not pertain to the article above. For issues that require a detailed response, an article is penned down; however, there are a number of issues that can be settled by a quick and short response. This page is dedicated to such questions.

If you have an article request or a clarification for an issue not found on the site, then please drop it here.

126 thoughts on “Questions and Answers (2)

  1. Salam aleykoum brother,
    I just finished reading your book the mahdi. Thank you for your contribution as there are a lot of materials on this issues and most of the times people rely on weak narrations. Thanks for the clarity your book offers. I have a question regarding the hadith about 3 banners. It makes me upset to read it as I thought people of Syria have already suffered enough. Will it happen before or after drying of Euphrates river? I also have read a hadith that says fitnah in syria will last 12 or 18 years then Euphrates river will dry up. Is that hadith authentic? If so, I guess we are on the brink of coming of mahdi as the fitnah started in 2011. Thanks in advance for your reply brother. Keep up the good work.

  2. As salaam alaykum Abu Rahma.

    About the Hadith in Bukhari which says the prophet attempted suicide. I have searched for answers to it and I have found out that all website regard the Hadith as weak and not reliable.
    Does that not contradicts the orthodox beliefs of the scholars that Every Hadith found in Bukhari is Authentic ?

  3. Asalam U Alykum Brother. I had this person claim that there would be a messenger after Prophet Mohammed ﷺ. They quoted Quran 3:81 and argued that every Prophet would have a messenger proceeding him and said the same would apply to Prophet Mohammed ﷺ. I was wondering if you could address this. Thank you

    • Wa’alaykumusSalaam wr wb. Going by their logic, prophethood will never end because every time a prophet comes, then another would need to come after him who would also be a prophet and so another would need to come after that one. If someone today comes and claims to be a prophet and says that he affirms Mirza Qadiani then all Qadianis would need to obey that man. They will trap themselves in their own flawed logic!

      The sequence and context of the verses is very clear:
      1) Bani Israel are being reminder
      2) Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) was not Bani Israel and so when he came, Bani Israel were to accept him
      3) Verse 83 makes it clear that ‘it is other than the religion of Allah they desire’ which shows that the covenant mentioned in verse 81 was put into effect at that time i.e., the Jews in Madina had to fulfill it and accept the Prophet mentioned to be obeyed.
      4) Read the portion here:

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